Art Requirements for Custom Acoustic Image Panels

For Custom Acoustic Image Panels:

Submit your photo, logo, or design and customize your acoustic panel (additional fees may be necessary for image altering and resizing)


Legal Considerations:

You must have legal rights for use on any images submitted for reproduction. All custom sales are final. Please sign and submit our Copyright release form with your image disk. Click here to print a: Copyright Release Form


Digital Printing Information:

Please provide your files in the form of CD-ROM (pdf, tiff, eps or psd file) along with a hard print of the design or section of the design. To ensure a sharp quality print, we recommend all files to be at least the pixel dimensions shown below (the suggested DPI is 200).  The quality of the print will depend on the quality of the image supplied. Please provide images to scale.


Image Size Requirements:

Image Size Chart:

Panel size

Total image size 
(with or without 4" color border depending on the design. If borderless, image will run over the edges of panel )

Image size displayed on front of panel
(this sizing is not print ready - 4" border is required)

2’ x 2’ (Square)

6400 x 6400 PX

4800 x 4800 PX

2’ x 2’ (Bass Trap)

6800 x 6800 PX

4800 x 4800 PX

2’ x 3’ (Vertical)

6400 x 8800 PX

4800 x 7200 PX

3’ x 2’ (Horizontal)

8800 x 6400 PX

7200 x 4800 PX

2’ x 4’ (Vertical)

6400 x 11200 PX

4800 x 9600 PX

4’ x 2’

11200 x 6400 PX



9600 x 4800 PX


Have questions about your image?  Give us a call at 866-505-6883.  We'll take a look at your image and ensure that it is of high enough quality to print clearly.

Reproduction Suitability:

Not all images are appropriate for large format digital printing. Please consider the following when choosing photographs: Photographs should be sized proportionately to the finished dimensions of the panel. If your dimensions are wider than they are tall, then your photograph should have the same proportions. Images should be cropped if needed. Digital cameras 8 MG or lower do not provide enough resolution for a large scale quality print. Photographs should be in focus. Our graphics department will review all artwork submitted for reproduction to determine if it is appropriate in quality, clarity and size for the project.