DIY Soundproofing| DIY Soundproof Tips

When you think about soundproofing, you probably think that it’s a job for an expert, or at least someone who is good at handiwork.  What you might not realize is just how manageable DIY soundproofing can be. Beginners need to take into account a few things before launching their own projects:

1. The Purpose- Understanding the purpose of soundproofing rooms is important because it helps with the initial decision of which soundproofing materials to buy.  Since each DIY soundproof need is different, there is no standard technique that can be used as a sort of reference to taking on such a job. By establishing the purpose of soundproofing rooms in your home or studio, whether that is to acoustically tune your home theater, block the sound of your loud neighbors, or control noise within a recording room, you will be better equipped to pick products that will work for your own unique application.

2. The Source:  Knowing the source of the noise that you want to reduce is necessary in DIY soundproofing, because all sounds register at different frequencies, and thus are blocked using different materials.  High frequencies are usually much easier to control than are low frequencies, seeing as lower sounds (such as trucks, airplanes, or a tuba) are very difficult to eliminate.

3. The Products:  When creating DIY soundproof floors, walls, ceilings and rooms, you need to know whether it’s best to buy products that absorb sound or block it.  Soundproofing rooms such as home theaters, band rooms, recording studios, etc. usually require a balance between absorption and isolation materials. 

4. The Price:  Price is a very essential element when soundproofing rooms on a DIY soundproofing budget.  Many materials advertise effectiveness but take a toll on your wallet.  Other products showcase affordable prices, but lack in efficiency. Finding the balance between effectiveness and affordability is the difference between being satisfied with your applications or regretting them.  It’s best to consult with a professional before purchasing DIY soundproofing products.

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