5 Pack Absorption Sheets - The Original Sound Absorption Sheet

Absorption Sheets - Clearance 5 Pack
Sound Absorption Sheets in a Music RoomDrum Room Absorption SheetsAudimute Sound Absorption SheetsAbsorption Sheets
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5 Pack Absorption Sheets Color of the Week Ships Within 1 - 3 Days


Original Sound Absorption Sheet  5 Pack

NOTE: Original Absorption Sheet Packs (approx. size - 8' x 4.5') 

At Audimute, we hold ourselves and our products to high standards. Our color of the week sheets are, generally, over-runs or remainders from a previous color run. We typically stop selling a run of sheets in our standard configurations when we can no longer be sure of fulfilling orders of the number of sheets we typically sell in a week. The Original sheets are free of defects. 

Acoustically, this product has a slightly higher NRC than our standard Absorption Sheets (with an impressive NRC of .70!) Audimute Absorption Sheets feature eco-C-tex, the GREENEST acoustic material on the market (made from cotton and cellulose) and can easily be hung and removed using the grommets. 

Product Features:

  • High performance technology, reduces volume levels by as much as 60% (if the space is properly treated)
  • Can safely go from baby to band - No fiberglass! All natural materials
  • Easy to hang and remove. Lightweight, portable and durable.
  • Made in the USA

  • NRC : .70
  • Sheet Size: Approximately 8 ft x 4.5 ft 
  • Sheet Thickness: .5” thick
  • Sheet Weight: 8-9 lbs each
  • Color: Black on one side. Alternate side varies - see product image for current color. 
  • Appearance: quilted outer layer, insulated inner layer.
  • Material: natural and recycled fibers (cotton/wool).
  • Installation: includes grommets for easy install.

Care: Dry clean or spot clean only. Do not cut sheets to fit a specific size requirement. Fold the product instead.

If you’re looking for an acoustic solution that saves you time and a money, choose Audimute Absorption Sheets – perfect for homes, apartments, studios, vocal booths and more!

Customer Reviews

I started putting foam on the walls and had barely gotten to the third wedge when I realized I really didn't know what I was doing. I considered my two year old son and figured there must be a less toxic method to make the vocal booth. An hour or so of YouTube research led me to Audimute's website. The Absorption Sheets worked wonderfully as advertised by the company and endorsed by several individuals. I am very pleased with the outcome.

I did a lot of research and had a limited budget. The absorption sheets do an excellent job. I used them in my garage and I'm able to play my drums without annoying my neighbors -- Jim T.

I used this product as a sound barrier for my Mullucan Cockatoo (very loud bird). I have no cons for this product, in fact, I might purchase more. The bird can be noisy at the most inconvenient times and I am thrilled I found this ears are grateful, my headaches appreciate the relief! The decrease in noise is tremendous. Elaine

I was looking for a product that would allow my band to rehearse on the third floor of my home without needing earplugs. I wasn't interested in sound-proofing, but rather in diminishing the high frequencies that cause ringing in the ears from prolonged exposure. The sound absorption curtains were delivered quickly and in perfect condition. Installation was incredibly quick, and the results were amazing! I'm very pleased with their performance, and have told all my musician friends about both your product and customer service. Outstanding quality at an outstanding price! - Ken

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