Acoustic Insulation Material vs. Acoustic Fiberglass – Choosing the Best Soundproofing Barrier for Your Application

Choosing a soundproofing barrier can be difficult, especially when you have to take into consideration cost, effectiveness and the material makeup of the product. Although all acoustic insulation material serves the same purpose of blocking sound transmission, some soundproofing barrier products such as acoustic fiberglass aren’t necessarily a healthy choice for you and your environment.

Luckily, Audimute offers an eco-friendly, effective alternative to acoustic fiberglass.  Peacemaker acoustic insulation material is a soundproofing barrier made from recycled rubber, making use of tires that otherwise would have gone to waste in a landfill.  Priced at less than $1.00/sq.ft., Peacemaker acoustic sound insulation provides an affordable solution to blocking the transmission of sound between walls, floors and ceilings.

Why Choose Peacemaker over acoustic fiberglass and other acoustic insulation material?  
  • Eco-Friendly - made from recycled material
  • Affordable - priced at less than $1.00/sq.ft.
  • Effective - very high STC ratings compared to other soundproofing barrier products
  • Same day shipping - Place your order by 4:00 pm EST and your acoustic insulation material will ship to you the same day
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Potential Side Effects from Using Acoustic Fiberglass as a Soundproofing Barrier:

  • A rash can appear when the fibers become embedded in the outer layer of the skin
  • Eyes may become red and irritated after exposure to acoustic fiberglass 
  • Soreness in the nose and throat can result when acoustic fiberglass fibers are inhaled, which may lead to the aggravation of Asthma and bronchitis
  • Temporary stomach irritation may occur if fibers are swallowed.

Order Peacemaker acoustic insulation material TODAY! Call Audimute toll free at 800-505-MUTE (6883) or visit and let us show you the benefits of using our affordable, environmentally friendly soundproofing barrier instead of acoustic fiberglass.