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Bass Traps

Audimute Acoustic Bass Trap - Cost-effective alternative to acoustic tube traps

Audimute Bass Traps capture low frequency sound to acoustically tune a room. An acoustic bass trap is useful in the acoustic treatment of home theaters, recording studios and other settings built to provide a critical listening environment. Place in room corners for best absorption.  Many acoustic tube traps and bass traps are made of fiberglass, mineral wool, and other harmful, unnatural materials. Audimute’s Bass Traps are made of only natural, eco-friendly sound absorbing materials. Compare to acoustic tube traps, Audimute Bass Traps are a cost-effective acoustic bass trap for low frequency sound.

Make a sound decision, choose Audimute!

corner bass traps, a bass trap
Bass Trap
2' x 2' - (4" thick)
10 Colors Available
corner bass trap, acoustic bass traps
Image Bass Trap
4" Thick Panels
Choose an Image
bass trap, bass traps, acoustic bass trap, corner bass trap, studio bass traps
Bass Trap Kit
2' x 2' - (4" thick)
Onyx Colored Panels