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Acoustic Bass Traps

Acoustic Bass Trap by Audimute - Cost-effective alternative to acoustic tube traps

Our Acoustic Bass Traps capture low frequency sound to acoustically tune a room. An acoustic bass trap is useful in the acoustic treatment of recording studios, home theaters and other settings built to provide a better listening environment. Place in room corners for best absorption.  Many acoustic tube traps and bass traps are made of fiberglass, mineral wool, and other harmful, unnatural materials. Audimute’s bass traps are made of only natural, eco-friendly sound absorbing materials. Compare to acoustic tube traps, Audimute Acoustic Bass Traps are a cost-effective acoustic bass trap for low frequency sound.

Make a sound decision, choose Audimute!

corner bass traps, a bass trap
Bass Trap
2' x 2' - (4" thick)
10 Colors Available
corner bass trap, acoustic bass traps
Image Bass Trap
4" Thick Panels
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bass trap, bass traps, acoustic bass trap, corner bass trap, studio bass traps
Bass Trap Kit
2' x 2' - (4" thick)
Onyx Colored Panels

4" Thick Audimute Acoustic Bass Taps

Audimute acoustic bass traps are similar to standard panels with one major difference – thickness. While traditional panels are two inches thick, proper acoustic bass traps are four inches thick. This increased absorption core locks low frequency sounds in tighter than the 2 inch thick panels designed for high frequencies. Audimute’s acoustic bass trap core is made from our signature eco-C-tex™ blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers. This blend is NRC rated .95 for echo, reverberation, and sound absorption. eco-C-tex™ is not only the greenest sound absorber on today’s market, but also the safest alternative to traditional fiberglass fillers. This acoustic bass trap material is naturally thicker than egg grate topper foam and offers peak absorption performance without the fiberglass filling used in other studio foam alternatives and acoustic tube track products. Since fiberglass has ben declared a lung, eye, skin, and throat irritant, other companies’ studio foams are required to mark their products with hazard labels. Since our acoustic bass traps are one of the safest available, it requires zero warning labels for contents.


Unlike acoustic tube traps, Audimute’s acoustic bass traps hang on the wall for fuller room coverage. Bass frequencies need more time to dissipate, which is why larger untreated rooms naturally quiet bass tones better than smaller rooms. While acoustic tube traps sit as part of a drum set or microphone stand, bass traps hang cover a fuller space and absorb echo and reverberation coming from all directions before noise is able to bounce back. For optimal absorption it’s best to expose as much of your acoustic bass trap to the sound source as possible. Audimute’s acoustic bass traps hang on open wall space like a picture, leaving the back of the trap off the wall and available for sound contact. Corner bass trap hardware is available that can make it even easier to leave the back of acoustic bass traps open for contact by bridging them across wall corners.


Audimute acoustic bass traps can be customized to fit your space with options unavailable for acoustic tube traps. Get an acoustic panel samples today or choose from acoustical color coatings and fabric wraps above to create a professional style or brand in your practice or studio space!