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Acoustical Sound Baffles

Acoustical Baffles, or Sound Baffles, are your solution to reduce echo and help control unwanted noise in churches, gymnasiums, workout rooms, conference halls, office spaces and other large areas with high ceilings. They are functional and make an impressive visual statement.

Audimute's custom and standard acoustical baffles or sound baffles are:
  • Class-A fire rated meeting the public safety requirements of most local building codes. 
  • Made with an NRC rating of .95 making them exceptional sound absorbers!
  • Produced with 2 eye hooks making installation quick and easy.
  • Cost efficient giving you a high quality product at an affordable price
  • Available in standard and custom sizes, fabrics, and even customizable with images (including logos).

Featured Items
Acoustic Ceiling Cloud CL-400-400-A-000
Sound Cloud Panel
4'x4' Ceiling Solution
10 Colors Available
12 Pack 2x4 Fabric Wrapped Sound Baffles Choose Your Color 12fabricbaffle2x4
2'x4' Fabric Baffles
12 Pack
Choose Your Fabric
6 Pack 2x4 Fabric Wrapped Sound Baffles Choose Your Color 6fabricbaffle2x4
2'x4' Fabric Baffles
6 Pack
Choose Your Fabric
50 Pallet 2x4 Fabric Wrapped Sound Baffle Panels Choose Your Color 50fabricbaffle2x4
2'x4' Fabric Baffles
50 Baffle Pallet
Choose Your Fabric