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Sound Absorption Sheets

LISTEN UP! Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets - 'Soundproofing Blankets' Made with Materials that Absorb Sound

Our sound absorption sheets are often referred to as ‘soundproofing blankets’ or 'acoustic sound blankets' (a common misconception between sound absorption and soundproofing, click here to learn about sound). Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets are not soundproofing blankets, but may indeed reduce volume levels if the space is properly treated. When hung throughout the room, these sound blankets absorb echoes, reverberation and noise reflection. Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets have been tested in an acoustic laboratory and have an impressive NRC rating of .65.

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Acoustic Sheets
2 Pack - 72 sq.ft.
Vocal Booth Size
Sound Absorption Sheet Set - LONG - 5 Pack
Acoustic Sheets
4 Pack - 144 sq.ft.
Small Room Size
Audimute Pro Sound Sheet Kit - Blankets Isolé Door Seal
Pro Sound Kit
4 Sheets, isolé, Seals
Absorption & Barrier Set
building a vocal booth, vocal booth construction, sound absorbing materials
Acoustic Sheets
8 Pack - 288 sq. ft.
Drum Room Size
band rehearsal space, soundproof band, sound proofing a room for band practice
Acoustic Sheets
16 Pack - 576 sq.ft.
Medium Room Size
Acoustic Blankets Kit - 20 Acoustic Sheets
Acoustic Sheets
20 Pack - 720 sq.ft.
Large Room Size
DIY Acoustic Treatment Kit - 28 Acoustic Sheets -
Acoustic Sheets
28 Pack - 1008 sq.ft.
Basement Size
garage soundproofing, soundproof garage, soundproofing a garage
Acoustic Sheets
36 Pack - 1296 sq.ft.
Garage Size
Audimute Isolé Plus
Single - (36" x 82")
Absorption & Barrier
Audimute Isolé 3 pack
3 Pack - (36" x 82")
Absorption & Barrier
Knob Wall Screw
Knob & Screw
Quick Hanging For Walls
Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets are a highly efficient, economical, easy to install way to control noise in band studios, garages, basements, industrial and residential settings and more. Using natural materials that absorb sound, Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets provide better absorption than moving blankets, tiles, or foam, at a far lower cost. Unlike foam or fiberglass products, our sound blankets contain materials that naturally absorb sound. Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets can be easily hung or removed for a highly effective, yet portable sound blanket absorption solution.

Audimute sound blankets feature our signature eco-C-tex™ absorption core. This core material, made from recycled cotton and cellulose fibers, is not only environmentally safe but also NRC rated .65 for excellent mid to high range frequency sound absorption not found in average sound blankets. By pressing the eco-C-tex™ between layers of non woven acoustic fabric, our sound absorption sheets average between an impressive 9.5  pound weight not found in acoustic blankets made with other fillers. This added weight aids in low frequency sound absorption for a better overall sound experience!

We created these sheets to offer customers like you the best materials and design available. Our improved quality and craftsmanship ensures consistency in your sound absorption sheet size, fabric, and grommet placement for a clean look in every space. Grommet holes make for easy hanging and portability without the use of permanent hooks or nails some soundproofing blankets require.

Audimute sound blankets are available in a range of pack sizes for small, medium and large size application. By ordering in packs we’re able to offer more savings than single sound blankets or one-size acoustic blanket packs. Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets smaller packs are perfect for covering shared walls in apartments or condos for family privacy, while larger packs offer fuller coverage for reducing noise and echo in rehearsal spaces and garages.

Compare Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets to our sound absorption acoustic panels and see what’s best for your space today!