Easy Ways to Improve Your Building Acoustics

Easy Ways to Improve Your Building Acoustics

During construction, building acoustics often take a back seat to other considerations. Apartments, office buildings, and homes are designed to be functional and appealing to the eye. They’re typically built without giving any thought to sound.

But we spend our days talking, listening, presenting … communicating in buildings. Doesn’t it make sense to pay as much attention to the building acoustics as to the aesthetics? Audimute has a way to create excellent acoustics in any space, even after construction is complete.

Sound absorption is the answer for spaces that have trouble with echo. Audimute absorption products stop sound before it reflects, resulting in clear, easy-to-understand communications throughout the room. For spaces where design is as important as great sound, we offer our beautiful acoustic panels. They provide amazing sound absorption wrapped in a gorgeous, customizable package. Choose the color and design—virtually any design—that suits your taste, and get custom panels that please the eye as well as the ear.

For all of the function in an even more affordable package, choose our absorption sheets or wall coverings. Both are built for use where awesome sound, flexibility, and affordability are more important than aesthetics.

For larger spaces, like conference halls and open offices, our acoustic baffles provide maximum echo and noise reduction. Also available in custom colors and designs, Audimute baffles are a fast and affordable way to tailor your building acoustics.

Finally, Audimute has a full line of sound blocking material that can completely transform your building acoustics. Our Peacemaker sound barrier is ultra-effective at stopping noise and vibration cold, and it easily installs during or after construction. Use it to achieve privacy or comfort, wherever noise needs to be kept in or out.

Audimute understands building acoustics and knows that every issue needs a personalized solution. We look forward to hearing from you at 1-866-505-MUTE (6883) and to putting our expertise to work for you.