Stunning Custom Canvas Art Printing by Audimute

Audimute's canvas art printing brings your favorite picture to beautiful life. From logos to landscapes, we can put the image of your dreams on a high-quality handmade panel.

Audimute panels are available in a variety of sizes or shapes and an infinite spectrum of images. Our canvas art printing produces panels in striking high resolution, ready to complete your design vision. Choose from our extensive image library or submit an image you own. We'll work with you to create the perfect panels for your design needs.

Better still, our canvas art prints offer more than meets the eye. Enclosed behind the canvas in the frame is eco-C-tex, our exclusive sound absorbing material. It works literally behind the scene to improve the sound quality in any room. If acoustics weren't originally part of your design plan, you'll be surprised to hear what you've been missing. If they were, you'll get Audimute's class-leading absorption in a remarkable package.

Canvas art prints with style and function—Audimute panels offer the best of both worlds.