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Custom Image Panels

Our printed acoustic panels are as pleasing to your eyes as to your ears! 

Audimute Custom Image Panels reveal purer sound by absorbing sound waves that cause echoes and reverberant noise.  Featuring eco-C-tex, the GREENEST sound absorption material in today's marketplace, Audimute Acoustics Panels prove to be a highly effective, eco-friendly alternative to traditional fiberglass and foam.  In addition to being eco-friendly, Audimute sound panels are also custom designed, focusing on form as much as function. In fact, our expert designers will collaborate with you to create custom printed acoustic panels that complement any room decor. We can transform your favorite photo, image, or logo into an artistic yet functional acoustic treatment.

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 2'X3' 2'X4' 2'x2' Bass Trap

Our Custom Image Panels: Are aesthetically pleasing, with a high-quality, decorative look

  • Provide outstanding acoustical performance
  • Are easy to install and yield immediate results
  • Are hand-crafted in the USA
  • Feature eco-C-tex, the GREENEST sound absorption material in today's marketplace
  • Offer cost-effective sound control
  • Are a creative yet functional way to make your space unique
  • Feature illumination options to highlight the artwork

Audimute’s custom printed acoustic panels are the perfect choice to add an artistic touch wherever sound needs to be improved and/or controlled. Call us today to discuss your ideas for custom-designed sound panels! Just imagine - you can have an acoustic treatment for your walls or ceiling that looks as good as it sounds.

Acoustic Panel Image Gallery

Custom Image Panels are typically ready in two to four weeks (from receipt of your completed artwork/or approval of design).

diy acoustic panels, acoustic wall panels, acoustic office panel
Image Panel
2' x 2'
Choose an Image
Custom Acoustic Image Panel - 2x3 *AMPI2x3-CUSTOM*
Image Panel
2' x 3'
Choose an Image
restaurant decor, Panels Acoustic, Sound Absorbing Panels
Image Panel
2' x 4'
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panel clips, panel clip
Panel Clips
4 Pack Wall Mounts
Extra Mounting Hardware
Audimute Sound Absorption Panel Fabric Sample *AMP-SAMP*
Fabric Sample Pack
Fabric Swatches
$10 Rebate included
panel image sample
Image Sample Pack
Image Panel
$30 Rebate included
Standard Panel Sample Kit
Panel Sample Pack
Acoustic Panel
$20 Rebate included
Wall Art Canvas Print, Art Prints on Demand
Image Panel
1' x 2'
Choose an Image
Acoustic Treatment
Image Panel
3' x 3'
Choose an Image
panel image sample
Deluxe Sample Pack
Panel & eco-C-tex
$35 Rebate included
Standard Panel Sample Kit
Eco Sample Pack
Natural eco-C-tex®
$20 Rebate included