Which to Choose: Recording Studio Foam, Pyramid Studio Foam or a Better Alternative?

Sure, Pyramid studio foam is cheap.  But is it the best option for your studio?  When it comes to choosing sound control products for your space, recording studio foam might stand out as one of the more affordable options, but it certainly doesn’t stand out as one of the most effective.  Luckily, affordable and effective sound control does exist!

Audimute Acoustic Panels are a highly effective, inexpensive absorption alternative to Pyramid studio foam.   One recording studio owner who purchased Audimute Acoustic Panels for his space noted many benefits to choosing Audimute Acoustic Panels over recording studio foam. 

"I have several 2x4 Audimute panels now and 4 Bass Traps.  I have seen other acoustical products [like recording studio foam] both in person and online, however in my view nothing compares to your products!  They are sonically very efficient, look great and since they are eco-friendly, I feel confident that they will not hurt my health (after all, I spend quite some time in my studio).  Thank you for a great product!"
If aesthetics are not a concern, then you’ll find Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets to be a perfect choice for your studio.
"As an indie filmmaker and active podcaster (the Life Zero podcast, The VFX Show, That Post Show, That Media Show, This Week in Media), I've tried just about every solution out there; foam, egg crates, high-end, expensive sound dampening solutions and even carpeting the walls. After using the Audimute Soundproofing system, I can safely say, 'I will never use anything else.' The Audimute product is inexpensive, easy to install and does exactly what it is supposed to do; keep unwanted sound out of my microphone and out of my audio tracks. I've installed Audimute in my home studio and at my studio. Nothing works better and the price is unbeatable. As a side note, not having to staple or glue something to the wall makes Audimute the best removable solution I've ever seen as well."

As you can see, there are many benefits to choosing acoustic panels over Pyramid studio foam and other types of recording studio foam.  To view all of the acoustic panels that Audimute has to offer or to place a panel order today, please visit or give us a call 866-505-MUTE.