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Sound Proof Studios

A professional recording studio would be a dream come true for any musician.  As The Beach Boys say, "Wouldn’t it be nice."  But most of us practice at home.  And home sound proof studios, especially the mechanics behind them, are confusing.  A drum studio, rehearsal studio, or portable recording studio seems impossible to pull off.  But contrary to popular belief, home sound proof studios are actually very easy to create using Audimute’s Sound Absorption Sheets

We frequently hear from satisfied customers who have successfully created rehearsal studios, drum studios and portable recording studios using our easy to hang, all natural Sound Absorption Sheets.  "Great product!" writes one happy home rehearsal studio musician.  "My entire studio is covered.  So much of my feed back and sound bounce, as well as outside noise infiltration has been eliminated that it is a pleasure to work in there now."

Home sound proof studios are a convenient place to practice and store your equipment.  Thanks to our incredibly effective Sound Absorption Sheets, basement bands can have a fully functioning rehearsal studio or drum studio that turns any room in your house into a portable recording studio.  Another customer said it best.  "When I am ready to record, I hang the sheets.  When I am done they are stored away." Enough said.

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