Learn how to dampen sound. Will Audimute Sound Absorbent Materials - Sound Attenuation Materials Work for My Application?

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When wondering how to dampen sound in a room, it’s very important to have realistic expectations. Understanding what Audimute products, and other sound absorbent materials, will and will not do is crucial for sound success.

At Audimute, we believe that the most helpful thing we can do is provide honest acoustical advice. We are realistic about what our products are designed to do and also how our products’ specifications match up with the needs of our customers. Our sound team is aware and accepts that some products will NOT WORK as well as others depending on the particular situation. It is our corporate philosophy to do our best to ensure that the appropriate Audimute sound absorbent materials or sound isolation materials are selected for the right use.  Watch the video below to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Absorption Sheets.

Since every situation is unique, it’s important to understand what variables affect the sound waves within a space and which sound absorbent materials and/or sound blocking materials will help properly control sound.

It’s also important to know that lower frequency sounds cannot be absorbed very well. This is true for all sound absorbent materials and is due to the fact that lower frequencies have longer wavelengths. These waves travel through sound absorbent materials easier, thus are not absorbed too well. In contrast, it’s more difficult for mid and high frequencies to travel through sound absorbent materials. 

Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets have proved to be highly effective sound attenuation materials, helping hundreds of customers on a quest of how to dampen sound. However, it’s critical to understand that sound absorption sheets work extremely well as sound absorbent materials by absorbing echoes and reverberation, NOT as sound barriers. This means that hanging Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets in your room will NOT block sound from entering and exiting, but rather will reduce the sound pressure levels in the space producing a quieter environment both inside and outside the treated space.  (Audimute offers a product called Peacemaker for applications where blocking the transmission of sound is the goal.)

Will Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets work for my application?

If you’re like most people, you probably read our testimonials and wonder if it’s true that so many of our customers who searched far and wide for ideas on how to dampen sound, are exceptionally satisfied with Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets. When it comes to absorbing average office noise, conversational speech, and enhancing the acoustics of a vocal booth or home recording studio, Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets are the perfect solution. Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets are typically utilized as sound attenuation materials and are normally hung on walls in these scenarios, exposed to the sound source, for absorption of mid and high frequencies.

When wondering how to dampen sound in the lower frequencies as well as intense sound such as bass, trains, planes, and traffic noise, a sound barrier product such as Peacemaker Sound Insulation is truly the best choice but may not be practical in many instances as it involves a permanent installation. For cases where permanent installation is unreasonable, some Audimute customers have found success using double and even triple layers of our Sound Absorption Sheets.  Watch the video below for help in choosing the right solution for your project.


Can Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets Block Sound?

Although Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets are made to absorb sound within a room, they do have a number of 'sound blocking' characteristics. In some instances, Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets can work as a ‘barrier’ over windows, doors, and on walls (if used in multiple layers) as this type of material does add mass.  The fact that Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets are affordable, portable, simple to install, and relatively non-invasive is also a big plus, especially for apartment renters.

The intent of Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets was not to block sound, but its other characteristics have made it a great product with high customer satisfaction in some barrier applications.  In fact, many Audimute products, such as Audimute sound attenuation materials, sound barrier materials and Audimute anti-vibration items, overlap in acoustic performance characteristics.  This means that several Audimute products may work well in a particular situation despite the fact that they all are designed for very different purposes.  So when customers ask us how to dampen sound and also block sound, we will recommend the product that is the BEST choice based upon the cumulative properties of the product and the unique situation in which it is used.
Soundproofing can sometimes be intimidating if you don't understand the principles behind it.  That's why we encourage you to call us at 1-866-505-MUTE.  Let us be the expert!  We'll help you analyze your space and determine which products will work best in YOUR application.