Sound blocking curtains

Do You Really Need Sound Blocking Curtains?

“Do you have sound blocking curtains?” We get asked this all the time, and we always need to step back and learn a bit more about the customer and the problem at hand. We've found that, although it’s natural to think that sound blocking curtains are a cure-all for noise issues, they’re usually not the best solution.

True blocking—stopping sound dead in its tracks—takes mass. A relatively large amount, in fact, and there’s no way around it. It’s just physics. Many old theaters had heavy-duty sound blocking curtains. They were lined in lead (!), and while more modern interpretations use thick vinyl to the same effect, these methods share three characteristics in common: they’re expensive, they’re extremely heavy, and they’re usually unattractive.

The good news is that, unless you’re putting on a stage show or living in the center of a bomb range, you probably don’t need to go to these extremes. In most cases, economical and flexible sound absorption materials will tune the sound of a room and completely fix your problem.

To be clear, sound absorption is not sound blocking. Like the name suggests, absorption traps incoming sound, stopping it from reflecting off the hard surfaces in a room. This prevents reverberation, echo, and distortion, which are the most common sources of irritating noise. In short, it’s not the sound level that gets you; it’s the uncontrolled reflections that make it intolerable.
Shop Sound Absorption Sheets

Audimute has a variety of sound absorbing solutions with the versatility and affordability to make you forget all about sound blocking curtains. Our sound absorption sheets and wall coverings are easy to install, completely portable, and require no permanent modifications to install. They’re made from our own highly effective, lab-tested, and environmentally friendly sound absorbing material, eco-C-tex®. And best of all, they’re light (much lighter than lead), very affordable (unlike lead), and totally nontoxic (very, very much unlike lead).

So if you’re not in the mood to layer your room with vinyl, and would like an easy and effective solution to the noise that’s bothering you, give Audimute a call at 1-866-505-MUTE (6883). We’re sound control experts, we know each situation is different, and we’re devoted to finding the right answer for every unique need.