Sound Deadening Curtains

Sound-deadening curtains are the easy way to make any room sound better—instantly. For important presentations, on-location or home recording, or any activity where clear sound is essential, Audimute’s sound-deadening curtains turn any room into high-quality acoustic space.

Our curtains, like our sound absorbing sheets and wall coverings, hang easily when you need to tailor your sound and pack up easily when you’re done. Soft, easily folded, and portable, the sound-deadening curtains use our exclusive Eco-C-Tex, a highly effective and environmentally friendly acoustic material that reduces echo and reverberation. You’ll hear the difference the moment you put them up.

Customers use our sound-deadening curtains to vastly improve the sound of home studios and offices, music practice rooms, and hundreds of other spaces … even to reduce the sound of pet birds. Call us at 1-866-505-MUTE for expert advice on how our sound-deadening curtains can bring great sound to you.