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Peacemaker® 3.2mm by the Yard (2' x 3' segments)

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Now Sold by the Yard!Peacemaker Sound Insulation - Sound Deadener. Composed of Eco-Friendly Sound Damping Rubber & Sound Deadening Materials.

Peacemaker by Audimute is sound damping rubber used to reduce transmission of sound through walls, floors and ceilings. Peacemaker sound deadener offers superior noise reduction and moisture protection. Peacemaker sound deadener is ideal for apartments, multi-family residences, condos, commercial installations, studios, theatres and more.

Peacemaker by Audimute is a cost effective sound damping rubber. Now available by the yard (each "yard" segment actually measures 36" in length with a variance of up to 1"), Peacemaker is eco-friendly, containing recycled sound deadening materials. Why choose Peacemaker?
  • Peacemaker’s superior resilience will not compress over time, decreasing results.
  • Lay loose for floating floor applications or hang for wall & ceiling applications.
  • Dissipates moisture reducing potential harm to other structural components.
  • For Flooring - Peacemaker may be glued to the sub floor and the finished floor may be glued to the underlayment for glue down applications.

Reduce waste and lower your costs with Peacemaker sound insulation BY THE YARD - the perfect solution when your project requires a partial roll. Each segment covers approximately 6 sq. ft
. and weighs less than 2 lbs. When you buy more than 1 yard, your order will ship as a custom sized roll with perforations every yard*. No tools are necessary to separate segments at each perforation. Use a straight edge and utility knife to cut custom lengths. Peacemaker by the Yard allows for easy installation - just staple or use a flat head roofing style nail! No cutting or carrying heavy rolls necessary! Choose Audimute for a sound deadener that performs!

(*Peacemaker by the Yard is perforated at approximately every 36", with a variance of plus or minus 1".)

Comparisons are often made between mass loaded vinyl (MLV) acoustic barriers and Peacemaker acoustic barriers.  In discussing the similarities and differences between Peacemaker and MLV, it’s important to emphasize the importance of balancing quality and affordability when shopping for acoustic barriers.

Overall, Peacemaker acoustic barriers offer superior value to customers.  Also, unlike vinyl acoustic barriers, Peacemaker is made from natural and recycled materials, making it an environmentally friendly choice.  Peacemaker acoustic barriers are moisture and mold resistant and dense enough to lay or hang flat between walls, floors or ceilings.  

So why choose Peacemaker acoustic barriers over MLV?

  • Price - MLV indeed may be more effective but it’s also extremely expensive, making it overkill for most projects
  • Ease of Installation - lighter, more flexible product makes Peacemaker easy to install and less expensive to ship
  • Green Product - Peacemaker is made from recycled tires, making it an eco-friendly choice for your immediate environment and the greater one as well

To find out more about Peacemaker acoustic barriers, visit or give us a call at 866-505-MUTE.

Click Below for Peacemaker Installation Instructions in Printable PDF Format                           

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Typical Wall Installation Guide

Looking to soundproof a new wall with Peacemaker Sound Barrier?  Check out our Typical Wall Installation guide to find instructions, tips & recommended materials for installing Peacemaker in new walls.

Click to Download
Wall Layering Installation Guide

Have existing walls that need soundproofing? Learn how to install Peacemaker on top of existing walls by watching our Wall Layering Installation video or downloading the Peacemaker Install Guide above.

Click to Download
Floor Installation Guide

Learn how to soundproof your floor to prevent structural noise & vibration.  Watch our Installation video or download the Floor Installation Guide for instructions, tips & recommended materials for soundproofing a floor.

Peacemaker is made from recycled rubber. The initial strong rubber scent will lessen over time and when properly installed in your wall, floor, or ceiling will be undetected.

Customer Reviews

I used the 2ft x 25ft recycled rubber matting and spray glued it with 3m glue spraying both the Porsche 944 floors, fender well, and firewalls, and the soundproofing product. After 90 to 120 seconds I stuck the cut pieces to the auto and pressed it down. Worked great, can really hear radio/cd now. A 1984 porsche is not built for sound and is very light weight so there was a great difference after applying your product. I would recommend it to all early Porsche owners.

I was having problems with traffic noise penetrating my voice over studio. I used 3.2 mm peacemaker sound barrier, along with sheets of drywall to create window plugs. HUGE help in eliminating unwanted noise.

Used in combination with "Peel-N-Seal" and closed-cell foam to reduce sound in passenger car. Very satisfied. -- N. Ray

2 mm Peacemaker Product Specifications:

  • 50 sq. ft. roll (24" wide)
  • Composition: Processed Rubber Granules. Polymer Binding Agent
  • Recycled Content: 82%
  • Thickness: 2 mm (5/64")
  • Roll dimensions: 2' x 25'
  • Weight - Roll: 22lbs
  • Chemical Behavior: Water resistant. Resistant to numerous diluted acids & alkaline solutions. Chemically neutral
  • Temp Stability: -30°C up to + 80°C in resting conditions
  • Density: 45 lbs/ft3  ASTM D-3676
  • Sound Transmission Class:          
         STC = 11 - 1 layers stapled to 4’x8’ frame of 2"x2" pine wood
         STC= 18 - 2 layers stapled to 4’x8’ frame of 2"x2" pine wood

 3.2 mm Peacemaker Product Specifications:

  • 6 sq. ft. segments (24" wide), 50 sq. ft. roll (24" wide), 100 sq. ft. roll (48" wide), 1440 sq. ft. roll (24" wide)
  • Composition: Processed Rubber Granules. Polymer Binding Agents.
  • Recycled Content: 82%
  • Thickness: 3.2 mm
  • Length: 3 ft. (1 yard / .914 m), 25 ft. (7.62 m). roll, 800 ft (243.8 m) contractor roll
  • Weight - 6 sq. ft. = 2 lbs., 50 sq.ft. roll = 35 lbs, 100 sq.ft. roll = 66 lbs., 1440 sq.ft. roll = 1000 lbs (not including pallet and packaging)
  • Appearance: Solid black in color, flat surface top and bottom
  • Chemical Behavior: Water resistant. Resistant to numerous diluted acids & alkaline solutions. Chemically neutral.
  • Temp Stability: -30°C up to + 80°C in resting conditions
  • Sound Transmission Class: STC = 19 - 1 layer stapled to 4'x8' frame of 2"x2" pine wood

6.4 mm Peacemaker Product Specifications:

  • 50 ft sq. Roll (24i in x 25ft), 4.65 m. sq. (0.61m x 7.62m) - 6.4mm (1'/4" thick)
  • Composition: Processed Rubber Granules. Polymer Binding Agents.
  • Recycled Content: 82%
  • Thickness: (1/4")
  • Length: 25 ft., 7.62 m. roll
  • Width: 24", 0.61 m. standard
  • Weight: approx. 53 lbs
  • Appearance: Black in color, flat surface top and bottom
  • Chemical Behavior: Water resistant. Resistant to numerous diluted acids & alkaline solutions. Chemically neutral
  • Impact Isolation Class: IIC = 55 - single layer

Environmental Chamber Report for Rubber - Emission Factor at 24 Elapsed Exposure Hours

Targets Analyzed

 AQS Measured Values

 IAQ Guidelines/Criteria



 1.0 mg/m2xhr



 .30 mg/m2xhr

 Butylated Hydroxytouluene


 .05 mg/m2xhr



 .05 mg/m2xhr




 Benzene, chloro



 2-Pentanone, 4-methyl
(Methyl isobutyl ketone, MIBK)



Fire Safety

Peacemaker has been tested in accordance with Consumer Products Safety Commission FF 1-70 Pill Test as a standard to determine the surface burning of materials when exposed to small scale burning source. Peacemaker has passed the test, self-extinguished with no measurable flame spread.  For floor applications, thermal barrier and structural requirements are met by using either a raft thickness of 5/8" or more of plywood or 1 ½" of gypsum concrete.  Always check with local building codes regarding installation of all building components. ended materials for soundproofing a floor.

Peacemaker Sound Lab Reports - Independently Tested

 Click here to view test results for 2 mm Peacemaker noise barriers.
 Click here to view test results for 3.2 mm Peacemaker noise barriers.
   Click here to view test results for 6.4 mm Peacemaker isolation material.

Consider Peacemaker noise barriers for your next DIY soundproofing project. Peacemaker products are eco-friendly and cost-effective flexible rubber noise barriers available in various thicknesses. Ideal for DIY soundproofing, apartment soundproofing, commercial installations, studio and home theatre soundproofing and much more.

Please note: You cannot add STC ratings together to obtain estimated STC ratings in a partition/wall configuration.  For example, the addition of Peacemaker sound insulation (2 mm.) will increase the STC of a wall by estimated 2-3 points, whereas the addition of Peacemaker (3.2 mm) will increase the STC rating by estimated 4-5 points. Adding double layers of each material further reduces the transmission of sound, by as much as an  estimated 10 points when using the 3.2 mm insulation.  STC does NOT provide enough information about a material’s isolation properties.

Peacemaker Noise Barriers and Isolation Material - STC Test Results

Peacemaker 2mm (single layer) - Noise Barriers =11
Peacemaker 2mm (double layer) - Noise Barriers
Peacemaker 3.2mm (single layer) - Noise Barriers
Peacemaker 3.2mm (double layer) - Noise Barriers
 =estimated 26-28         

Peacemaker 6.4 mm* (designed for lower frequency applications)


*Independently tested by the Steelcase Acoustical Test Lab and Riverbank Acoustical Lab.

*Note: Peacemaker 6.4 is a product designed for structural noise reduction and decouples drywall and flooring assemblies from studs and joists. While it adds mass to the total STC, it’s primarily effective in stopping vibration and impact in flooring applications, walls, subwoofer applications, all of which have lower frequencies.

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