Sound paneling and portable acoustic panels starting at around $1 sq/ft

Audimute portable acoustic panels, sound paneling - the most affordable, highly effective absorption products on the market

Looking for portable acoustic panels? Look no further! Audimute sound paneling and portable acoustic panels provide highly effective sound control for studios, homes, offices, band practice areas, and more.

Choose Audimute portable acoustic panels to absorb mid to high frequencies and reduce echoes and reverberant noise. These portable acoustic panels are hung and removed quickly; and you’ll experience instant results. Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets are rated at .7 NRC. If the room is properly treated, Audimute Sheets (portable acoustic panels) may reduce noise levels by as much as 60%. Audimute portable acoustic panels are also eco-friendly, and do not contain fiberglass.

Audimute also offers a full line of acoustic sound paneling in standard sizes (1’x2’ - 2’x4’ - 2’x3’ - 2’x4’) or any any custom size. These sound paneling products are rated at 1.0 NRC.

What’s unique about Audimute is that it is committed to building products that are smarter, safer, and more eco-responsible. To learn more about Audimute eco-friendly sound paneling and portable acoustic panels, browse our website or give our sound experts a call today.