Does Sound Proof Paint Really Work?

There has been an increase in the need for low-cost soundproofing and because of this companies offer something called Sound Proof Paint, or Sound Deadening Paint. They claim it to be the "most advanced, economical, simplest-to-apply sound regulating solution available to the public."  Audimute would like you to take a look at the facts. 

  • Sound is gauged by low and high frequencies.  Sound Proof Paint doesn’t address the high frequencies and low frequencies that are often found to be the most intrusive. It is only effective for medium frequencies such as regular speech.
  • Sound Proof Paint has similar characteristics as Audimute’s products, but it is only 30-40 thousandths of an inch thick producing minimal results. A sound proof paint company, Acousti-Coat, even states in its online FAQ section, "you can only expect so much from an application that is 30-40 thousandths of an inch thick."
  • Sound deadening paint is a minimum cost solution for those looking to enhance the sound and appearance of their space, but there are a few restrictions when it comes to its helpfulness, both in sound and sight.

-  Sound deadening paint has been identified to leave a very heavy coating on the wall producing a speckled or raised surface. In order to achieve evident soundproofing results, you have to put on multiple coats, which leads to more substantial texture.

  -  Sound proof paint can only be tinted to light pastel colors due to its high pigment content.Your interior design options are restricted with soundproof paint.

  Sound proof paint does not make a substantial difference. To put it in perspective, humans perceive a loss of 10 decibels to be 50% quieter. Sound proof paint doesn’t soundproof, it aids in absorbing sound.

  • To apply sound proof paint there are two options. You can either roll it on or spray it on. Spraying it on is the quickest way to get the results you want, but it is also the messiest. Rolling it on is cleaner, but you must put on multiple coats.
  • To determine the effectiveness of soundproofing products they must be lab tested.  Producers of sound proof paint have yet to put out any test results for the product.
  • The main selling point for sound proof paint is it’s price.  A gallon of this paint is approximately $30-$40. The problem is that you will need several gallons of this to obtain minimal results.


After reading the information above it clear to see that although soundproof paint is an inexpensive alternative for soundproofing your space, options and effects are minimal.


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