Sound Proofing Tiles, Sound Proof Wall Tiles from $17 each

Enhance your acoustics with sound proofing tile, sound proof wall tiles. 

It’s a common misconception that soundproofing tiles and acoustic panels are the same. While both are effective at cleaning up room acoustics and creating a sounder atmosphere, their styles are very different – most notably when it comes to installation; Panels hang like a picture, while sound proof wall tiles adhere directly onto the surface with a strong, flush grip using pre-affixed tape strips or industrial glue. And because they’re frameless, soundproofing tiles easily butt up next to each other for a buildable design with an almost seamless finish.

Once a soundproofing tile is securely in place, it becomes a permanent sound absorber – which is why ours are crafted from Audimute’s signature eco-C-tex™ blend of recycled cotton and paper safe for use in the home or business. This eco-friendly material is cut in a variety of tile shapes, sizes, and depths, and finished with our AcoustiColor™ coating in your custom color choice. Mix and match colors and depths for a unique pattern of sound proof wall tiles, or decorate your space with a uniformed tileable acoustic treatment. However you design them they’re sure to look as great as your space will sound!

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