Sound Proofing Tiles, Sound Proof Wall Tiles from $25 each

Enhance your acoustics with sound proofing tile, sound proof wall tiles

Audimute sound proofing tiles are an affordable, eco-friendly way to optimize room sound. Our sound proof wall tiles are highly effective, with an NRC rating of 1.00, meaning these soundproofing tiles are perfectly absorptive.  Audimute sound proofing tile features a blend of cotton and cellulose (recycled paper!) Not only do Audimute sound proofing tiles keep paper out of landfills, they also require 1/10 of the energy to produce compared to fiberglass sound proofing tile and 1/40 of the energy of producing foam sound proofing tiles!

Not only are Audimute sound proofing tiles effective, they are artistic! Decorate your space with sound proof wall tiles that are a work of art. Choose from a variety of colors and images for sound proofing tile to visually enhance your environment. Mix and match sound proof wall tiles for a custom designer look.

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