How to Soundproof for Band Practice Rooms


Like the United States Tax Code, soundproofing band practice rooms can be mind boggling because the companies soundproofing band practice rooms are almost too numerous to count.   Each one claims to soundproof your band practice room by reducing the amount of noise other people hear but while they all sell products for soundproofing, they do NOT all hold your hand through the very complicated process.  Watch the video below for extremely simple tips for soundproofing a band practice room with Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets.

  • Explains your options
  • Sticks to your budget
  • Competently assesses your needs
  • Sells you the best product, not just the most expensive
  • Has well established expertise
  • Makes sure you understand the three frequencies which are essential considerations when soundproofing your band practice room:

**Low frequencies are the hardest to block out when soundproofing band practice rooms.  Every room is different and every band is different so it’s important to consult a competent, trusted professional who will help establish the best solution for you.


  1. SPACE - Soundproofing band practice rooms with distance.  Noise loses volume as it travels so the farther away people are from the loud instruments, the less noise they will hear and the more sound proof for band practice the room will be.  
  2. MASS - Soundproofing band practice rooms with heavy, thick barriers like bricks, stone, stucco or sheetrock.  Mass stops noise before it can get out.
  3. DAMPENING - Changing the noise vibrations.  Using dampening to sound proof for band practice actually alters the noise vibrations by sending them through acoustic curtains, carpet, acoustical ceiling tiles or soundboard.  Low frequencies are notoriously hard to dampen but these products are very effective on the higher frequencies to sound proof for band practice. 

* Acoustic curtains and other similar sound absorption methods are more effective than ordinary bedding or moving blankets which will not soundproof your band practice room.


When it comes to soundproofing band practice rooms, many cost effective solutions are available but which one is right for you?  You probably have many questions- refer to the video below to answer some you may have about Audimute Absorption Sheets.  As always, feel free to give us a call at 866-505-6883 if you have any further questions!        


To make the right choice when soundproofing band practice rooms, it is important to consult a professional.  The experts at Audimute can help you soundproof your band practice room correctly without spending your entire budget on high-tech room reconstruction.

•We carry sound absorption materials such as acoustic curtains and panels as well as sound blocking products such as Peacemaker. All are cost effective, high quality products - perfect for soundproofing band practice rooms.
•We understand soundproofing band practice rooms because WE ARE MUSICIANS
•Our products are designed by musicians, FOR musicians
•Our acoustic curtainsacoustic panels and Peacemaker products are environmentally sound. No dangerous components like fiberglass.


We hope this information has made soundproofing band practice rooms less confusing.  Please contact us with any questions.  We carry acoustic curtains, acoustic panels and Peacemaker sound insulation - all are economical, environmentally friendly products to soundproof your band practice room and you can rely on our expertise to help you chose the right one.