Audimute Guide to Soundproofing Floor with Peacemaker® Sound Insulation

Peacemaker® is an eco-friendly material made from recycled tire rubber used to reduce the transmission of sound between walls, floors and ceilings. Because of its flexibility, Peacemaker® is easy to install, while its heavy weight is ideal for soundproofing floor designs in residential spaces and hospitals where privacy is important.

Peacemaker® comes in a variety of thicknesses for a multitude of applications. When it comes to soundproofing floor designs, Peacemaker 6.4mm is one of the most effective options made specifically to address structural noise and vibration - the two main sources of sound most typically transmitted through floors. With an IIC (Impact Insulation Class) rating of 62, Peacemaker 6.4mm ranks on the high end of the impact reduction scale. 

Peacemaker 6.4mm for floors:

• Acts as a constraining layer between floor boards
• Is an Anti-Vibration layer
• Helps reduce impact & footfall
• Is a mold resistant material
• Fast free shipping
• As low as $0.94 per sqft

See For Yourself: The following video highlights the process of soundproofing floor structures, including retrofitting Peacemaker® on top of subflooring. 

By soundproofing floor, wall, and ceiling structures with isolation products like Peacemaker® you create a more private space and both inside and outside.  If you have any questions about soundproofing floor in your space, give us a call today at 866-505-MUTE and we’ll help you find a solution that meets your needs and your budget.