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Barrier Products | Soundproofing for Walls

Peacemaker® by Audimute is the perfect choice for soundproofing walls, floors and ceilings.  It is an eco-friendly sound barrier made from recycled tire rubber, and offers superior noise reduction and moisture protection.  Peacemaker® is ideal soundproofing for walls in homes, apartments, commercial applications, studios, theaters and much more.  Besides being effective and eco-friendly, Peacemaker is also extremely affordable. Available in 2mm, 3.2mm and 6.4mm thicknesses, Peacemaker proves to be a versatile, resilient and cost-effective solution for blocking the transmission of sound between rooms. 

Make a sound decision - choose Peacemaker Soundproofing for walls, floors and ceilings!

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Audimute Peacemaker Sample Kit *PM-SAMP*
Sample Pack
$5 rebate included
sound barrier, soundproofing a room, how to soundproof a floor
2mm Peacemaker®
(1) 2'x25' Roll
50 ft² - $1.20 PSF
DIY Soundproof Barrier
2mm Peacemaker®
(4) 2'x25' Rolls
200 ft² - $1.10 PSF
cheap ways to soundproof
2mm Peacemaker®
(8) 2'x25' Rolls
400 ft² - $1.05 PSF
how to soundproof a room, soundproof walls, sound insulation
3.2mm Peacemaker
(1) 2'x25' Roll
50 ft² - $1.60 PSF
Sound barrier
3.2mm Peacemaker
(4) 2'x25' Rolls
200 ft² - $1.45 PSF
soundproof ceiling
3.2mm Peacemaker
(8) 2'x25' Rolls
400 ft² - $1.40 PSF
sound deadening insulation, soundproof wall
3.2mm Peacemaker
(1) 4'x25' Roll
100 ft² - $1.60 PSF
sound proof room
3.2mm Peacemaker
(4) 4'x25' Rolls
400 ft² - $1.45 PSF
build a soundproof room
3.2mm Peacemaker
(8) 4'x25' Rolls
800 ft² - $1.40 PSF
sound deadening materials, sound deadener, sound damping rubber, sound insulation
3.2mm Peacemaker
(2'x3' Segments)
By The Yard
Peacemaker 3.2mm Contactor Roll 2' x 800' APM00000647
3.2mm Peacemaker
(1) 2' x 720' Roll
1440 ft² - $1.17 PSF
soundproofing materials
3.2mm Peacemaker
(2) 2'x720' Rolls
2880 ft² - $1.14 PSF
Peacemaker Acoustic Soundproofing Material
2mm Peacemaker®
(48) 2'x25' Rolls
2400 ft² - $.94 PSF
Peacemaker Soundproofing for ceilings
3.2mm Peacemaker
(40) 2'x25' Rolls
2000 ft² - $1.28 PSF
Peacemaker 3.2mm Pallet - 20 4' x 25' Rolls APM32000645
3.2mm Peacemaker
(20) 4'x25' Rolls
2000 ft² - $1.28 PSF
Sound Proofing Tape, Sound Deadening Tape, Sound Isolation Tape
PM Tape
Single Roll 2" x 108'
Sound Isolation Seam Seal
Audimute Peacemaker Roll PM-BST-24R
6.4mm Peacemaker
(1) 2'x25' Roll
50 ft² - $2.60 PSF
diy soundproofing
6.4mm Peacemaker
(4) 2'x25' Rolls
200 ft² - $2.40 PSF
soundproof floor
6.4mm Peacemaker
(8) 2'x25' Rolls
400 ft² - $2.28 PSF
Peacemaker Soundproof Flooring
6.4mm Peacemaker
(32) 2'x25' Rolls
1600 ft² - $2.13 PSF

For years, lead sheeting was the sought after agent for soundproofing walls because of its density, until of course it was determined to be toxic.  Then builder’s started soundproofing walls using mass loaded vinyl, but learning how to soundproof a wall with MLV can be tiresome and costly because of its tendency to tear and high price per-square-foot. Peacemaker® was designed as an affordable alternative for soundproofing walls that has taken the market by storm!   

Peacemaker® is a heavy rubber sheeting product designed to add mass and density as soundproofing for walls, floors, and ceilings. Crafted from recycled tire rubber, Peacemaker® effectively transfers sound energy into heat and dampens sound transfer between structural elements.

Peacemaker® can be installed between walls, floors and ceilings to block noise from traveling through these structures.  Not only is it a more cost efficient soundproofing for walls alternative, but Audimute’s recycled rubber product is also lighter and easier to install. The range of thickness options makes it easy to find a Peacemaker® product right for every application; for example, the 2 mm and 3.2 mm thick Peacemaker® can be used as soundproofing for walls to block noise transfer such as conversational tones and instruments, while the less dense 6.2 mm thickness is perfect for floor and ceiling applications where the goal is to block structure-bourne noise, such as footfall or moving furniture. 

How to Soundproof a Wall with Peacemaker®:

Peacemaker® soundproofing for walls can be installed either during original construction or as a retrofit project. During original construction, strips of the material can be stapled directly onto studs. In retrofit projects, Peacemaker® is stapled to your current drywall and covered with another layer of drywall to create new soundproofing walls. For soundproofing on top of walls, visit our acoustic material section. Similar new and retrofit methods can be applied to soundproofing for floors and ceilings. To learn more installation steps, tricks, and techniques, download our free complete Peacemaker® Builder’s Guide! In this guide, you’ll learn how to soundproof a wall in commercial and residential spaces, and the overall need and effectiveness of Peacemaker® soundproofing for walls and other structure surfaces.

Bring peace to your space with Peacemaker® today!