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Barrier Products | Soundproofing For Walls

Peacemaker® by Audimute is the perfect choice for soundproofing for walls, floors and ceilings.  It is an eco-friendly sound barrier made from recycled tire rubber, and offers superior noise reduction and moisture protection.  Peacemaker® is ideal soundproofing for walls in homes, apartments, commercial applications, studios, theaters and much more.  Besides being effective and eco-friendly, Peacemaker is also extremely affordable. Available in 2mm, 3.2mm and 6.4mm thicknesses, Peacemaker proves to be a versatile, resilient and cost-effective solution for blocking the transmission of sound between rooms. 

Make a sound decision - choose Peacemaker Soundproofing for walls, floors and ceilings!

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Audimute Peacemaker Sample Kit *PM-SAMP*
Sample Pack
$5 rebate included
sound barrier, soundproofing a room, how to soundproof a floor
2mm Peacemaker®
(1) 2'x25' Roll
50 ft² - $1.20 PSF
DIY Soundproof Barrier
2mm Peacemaker®
(4) 2'x25' Rolls
200 ft² - $1.10 PSF
cheap ways to soundproof
2mm Peacemaker®
(8) 2'x25' Rolls
400 ft² - $1.05 PSF
how to soundproof a room, soundproof walls, sound insulation
3.2mm Peacemaker
(1) 2'x25' Roll
50 ft² - $1.60 PSF
Sound barrier
3.2mm Peacemaker
(4) 2'x25' Rolls
200 ft² - $1.45 PSF
soundproof ceiling
3.2mm Peacemaker
(8) 2'x25' Rolls
400 ft² - $1.40 PSF
sound deadening insulation, soundproof wall
3.2mm Peacemaker
(1) 4'x25' Roll
100 ft² - $1.60 PSF
sound proof room
3.2mm Peacemaker
(4) 4'x25' Rolls
400 ft² - $1.45 PSF
build a soundproof room
3.2mm Peacemaker
(8) 4'x25' Rolls
800 ft² - $1.40 PSF
sound deadening materials, sound deadener, sound damping rubber, sound insulation
3.2mm Peacemaker
(2'x3' Segments)
By The Yard
Peacemaker 3.2mm Contactor Roll 2' x 800' APM00000647
3.2mm Peacemaker
(1) 2' x 800' Roll
1600 ft² - $1.13 PSF
soundproofing materials
3.2mm Peacemaker
(2) 2'x800' Rolls
3200 ft² - $1.06 PSF
Peacemaker Acoustic Soundproofing Material
2mm Peacemaker®
(48) 2'x25' Rolls
2400 ft² - $.94 PSF
Peacemaker Soundproofing for ceilings
3.2mm Peacemaker
(40) 2'x25' Rolls
2000 ft² - $1.28 PSF
Peacemaker 3.2mm Pallet - 20 4' x 25' Rolls APM32000645
3.2mm Peacemaker
(20) 4'x25' Rolls
2000 ft² - $1.28 PSF
Sound Proofing Tape, Sound Deadening Tape, Sound Isolation Tape
PM Tape
Single Roll 2" x 108'
Sound Isolation Seam Seal