Audimute Soundproofing Products vs. Soundproofing Paint - The Facts

Soundproofing paint companies claim their product is the "most high-tech, inexpensive, easiest-to-apply sound control solution available to the public today."  We would like to consider the facts and compare Audimute products to sound absorbing paint.

Controlling Noise based on its Frequency
  • Sound absorbing paint, or sound insulation paint, only addresses the mid range frequencies, which is the frequency of regular speech.  High and low end frequencies aren’t controlled with soundproofing paint.  Audimute offers a wide range of sound blocking and sound absorbing materials that address not only mid range but also high and low end frequencies.- Read More

Effectiveness in Reducing Sound

  • Sound insulation paint is made to absorb sound, much like Audimute Acoustic Panels and Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets, however it’s only 30-40 thousandths of an inch thick and is not NRC rated.  Audimute Acoustic Panels are two inches thick and made with earth-friendly material, recording an impressive 1.00 NRC rating.  Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets are also inexpensive but effective sound absorbent materials and have achieved a .7 NRC rating.  When it comes to blocking sound, absorption materials in general won’t do the trick, so a product like Peacemaker Sound Insulation can be used to achieve the desired results.- Read More

Does it Look as Good as it Sounds?

  • Audimute’s options are unlimited in terms of décor, particularly the Acoustic Image Panels which look as good as they sound.  Sound insulation paint, on the other hand, has several acoustic and visual limitations.- Read more
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Application Process

  • Audimute sound absorption products are quick and easy to install. Many Audimute sound control options are also portable. Sound absorbing paint, on the other hand, requires a messy soundproof spray application.- Read more

Proven Results

  • Most people want to see, or rather hear, immediate results when they install soundproofing products. Thus, it’s important to discuss the project with a knowledgeable sound pro as well as compare the effectiveness of the proposed sound control solutions by checking the STC or NRC lab ratings prior to purchasing the materials. Beware of companies lacking test results, which is typical of many soundproofing paint companies.- Read more

Cost Breakdown

  • Since sound absorbing paint isn’t made to block sound and only partly absorbs it, the main selling point of the product is price - it’s an affordable option to those who are looking to stay on a budget.  However, when you consider the fact that you’ll need between 3-5 gallons (on average $30/gal) of sound absorbing paint to get slightly noticeable results, you’ll see the price jump dramatically.  Audimute offers some of the most cost-effective products on the market, and is able to do so by using eco-friendly materials.  Using recyclable material keeps the production costs down, which in turn lowers the price for the end consumer.-  Read more

In reviewing all of the above information, you’ll notice that although sound insulating paint is a new, high-tech solution to soundproofing, it’s not nearly as effective or affordable as Audimute products. To learn more, visit or give us a call at 1-866-505-MUTE.  Together we’ll find a sound solution that fits your needs and your budget.