Sonipad® Vibration Isolation Platform - 2' x 2' (Unframed)

Audimute Sonipad Vibration Isolation Platform (Unframed) *AMIR2X2-NF*
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Sonipad Vibration Isolation Platform by Audimute is an isolation platform used to float a device and reduce vibration from a surface, thus making sound tighter and fuller. Sonipad Vibration Isolation Platform is ideal for home theaters, studios, and live music equipment. Significantly reduces the vibrating, shaking, and resonating at a fraction of the cost of other isolation products. "Elevate" your sound with Sonipad Vibration Isolation Platform by Audimute!

Use Sonipad With:

  • Bass and Guitar Amplifiers
  • Subwoofers
  • Speakers
  • Stage Monitors
  • Microphone Stands
Sonipad Advantages:
  • Isolates vibration from a surface
  • Reduces the shaking and resonating
  • Makes sound tighter and more focused
  • Earth-Friendly - made with recycled materials
Sonipad Specs and Features:
  • Size: 2' X 2' X 2.5" thick, 0.61 m. x 0.61 m. x 5.1 cm. thick
  • Weight: 25 lbs.
  • Sturdy and durable

Customer Reviews

I used the Sonipad in my at home recording studio. I placed my speakers on the Sonipad to take away all vibrations, so I wouldn’t have any rattling in the room interfering with the sound of the music. The Sonipads are very effective with the speakers, therefore I placed other technological items on them as well to avoid all added vibrations. Thank you! Andre Harris of Dre & Vidal

I'm a home theater enthusiast and use my home theater set and 42" LCD TV for gaming, movies, and even have a PC in the living room for Internet and etc. I was having problems with my upstairs neighbor due to the vibration from my subwoofer, which was being propagated through the walls. I needed something to absorb that vibration and minimize the problem. I tried homemade a bubble-wrap enclosure, but it dampens the bass too much. That's when I found Audimute. The Sonipad Vibration Isolation Platform (2'x1') that I purchased successfully absorbed the vibration from my subwoofer and not only reduced a lot the vibration problem that I had but also improved the bass quality because now the sound is no longer dispersed through the walls, it is kept vividly inside the room. I'm having a blast!!!

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