How to Soundproof Home Recording Studios

Acoustics are the key

A basic understanding of acoustics is helpful when trying to make a room soundproof. Home recording studios are tricky to create because the rooms are built to contain people, not sound.  Music generates sound waves which freely travel through the air unless they are stopped by quality studio soundproofing but what are the methods to sound proof studios?
  • Dampening or absorbing the sound waves with sound-absorbent materials, tiles or low cost sound control products such as Audimute Acoustic Sheets or Panels
  • Heavy, thick walls to prevent the sound from escaping the sound proof studio
  • Two walls separated by thick insulating material
*Creating a completely sound proof studio in a home is virtually impossible because of the different frequencies that make up sound waves.  Many low cost soundproofing methods effectively block out high frequencies (cymbals, upper notes on a keyboard) and middle frequencies (guitar, sax), but low frequencies (bass guitar, drums, low notes on a keyboard) are the most difficult and require very sophisticated sound proof studio knowledge.

Don’t attempt home studio soundproofing on your own, consult a professional

The thought of creating a soundproof home recording studio is completely overwhelming to most people.  Hundreds of companies sell products to sound proof studios but very few will walk you through the complicated process of studio soundproofing, explain low cost sound proofing options, and help you create the perfect soundproof studio for your needs.

There are more studio soundproofing companies than there are jazz clubs, so how do you find someone to make your search for a soundproof home recording studio a dream rather than a nightmare?  Chose a professional who:

  • Has extensive studio soundproofing experience
  • Will work with your budget when creating a soundproof home recording studio
  • Understands low cost sound proofing, not just expensive, high-end studio soundproofing
  • Explains every soundproof studio option
  • Has an excellent reputation


Questions to ask

A soundproof home recording studio can contain low cost soundproofing and still be very effective but which studio soundproofing is right for you?  Ask a professional these questions:
  • Should sound absorption or sound blocking materials or a combination of both be used?
  • Will a soundproof home recording studio cost a fortune?
  • Are low cost sound proofing solutions as effective as expensive ones?
  • Is a sound proof studio permanent or are the fixtures removable?Can any soundproof home recording studio absorb both high and low frequencies?
Trust Audimute

At Audimute, we soundproof home recording studios all the time
  • We carry many low cost sound proofing solutions
  • We are musicians too - we understand studio soundproofing
  • Our low cost sound proofing is always environmentally friendly
We hope this studio soundproofing information has been useful but please contact us with any further questions. Our many years of experience can help you sound proof home recording studios correctly.  Call us at 866-505-MUTE and we'll help you determine which low cost sound proofing materials to use in your studio soundproofing project.
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