Audimute Free Room Analysis Large / Commercial Space Room Analysis Personal / Small Space Room Analysis
Sound Absorption Sheet Set - LONG - 5 Pack
Acoustic Sheets
4 Pack - 144 sq.ft.
Small Room Size
Soundproofing Acousticolor® eco-C-tex® Panels - 6 Pack (2' x 2') Black
2'x2' Sound Panels
AcoustiColor™ Panels
Choose Your Color
how to soundproof a room, soundproof walls, sound insulation
3.2mm Peacemaker
(1) 2'x25' Roll
50 ft² - $1.60 PSF
acoustical panels studio, acoustical wall panel, acoustical panel
2x3 Acoustic Panel
24 ft² Coverage
3 Colors Available
Audimute Pro Sound Sheet Kit - Blankets Isolé Door Seal
Pro Sound Kit
4 Sheets, isolé, Seals
Absorption & Barrier Set
Acoustic Ceiling Cloud CL-400-400-A-000
Sound Cloud Panel
4'x4' Ceiling Solution
10 Colors Available
2X2 natural eco-C-tex acoustical wall treatment
2'x2' Sound Panels
Natural eco-C-tex®
Natural Finish
Audimute Isolé Plus
Single - (36" x 82")
Absorption & Barrier
diy soundproofing
6.4mm Peacemaker
(4) 2'x25' Rolls
200 ft² - $2.40 PSF


Our sound control products are so efficient, reliable, & affordable...

Audimute is a family owned sound company known for superior soundproofing materials & unmatched customer service - when you buy from us, experience & integrity are included!

Since 1993, we have been experimenting and crafting the highest quality soundproofing materials to create innovated and intuitive soundproofing panels and other products for perfect for every application. From the home to the office, theater to nursery, café to conference room, customers rely on Audimute’s acoustic solutions for soundproofing walls and ceilings to improve not only the quality of their sound but the quality of life within their space.

To Audimute, soundproofing spaces are just part of the experience. Our aim is to educate our customers on the soundproofing options available to them and how each can be used for soundproofing walls and ceilings in large or small spaces. We promise to deliver you high-quality, USA handmade products such as our soundproofing panels crafted from eco-friendly recycled soundproofing materials safe for the whole family and designed just for you. We know soundproofing walls, ceilings or floors can be confusing; our Acoustic Specialists understand your soundproofing needs and are available to answer your questions in a timely manner for the smoothest ordering and installation process.

Need Soundproofing Help? WE HEAR YOU!

We Will:

* Understand your soundproofing needs – From soundproofing walls to ceilings, our Acoustic Specialists will work with you to understand your sound problem and guide you towards the best solution.

* Educate you on your options – Audimute soundproofing panels, Peacemaker® barriers, sound absorption sheets, oh my! We’re here to talk you through your options and lead you to the most informed decision.

* Design affordable, highly-effective & eco-friendly solutions – Our soundproofing products  are crafted from recycled materials assembled by hand in the USA!

* Answer soundproofing questions any time – Fill out our free room analysis form today to receive personalized advice from an Acoustic Specialist within one business day!

* Treat you like family! – We wouldn’t be here without each and every Audimute customer. So whether you need a lot of help soundproofing walls or just need to order a few soundproofing panels, you can count on our team!

Take the first step to a sound solution, order your sound absorption material or sound barrier for soundproofing walls, floors and ceiling products today! If you have any soundproofing questions, our Acoustic Specialists are here to provide personal advice on your space. Give us a call at (866) 553-4600 or fill out our free room analysis form and hear back from us within one business day.