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Audimute Sound Reduction Material - Sound Reduction Curtain - Perfect to Noise Proof Your Band Room - Soundproofing Existing Walls and More - Excellent Results

NOTE: Approximate Sheet Size: 95" x 54" (approx. 8' x 4.5') Weight: approx. 9.5 lbs

3 grommets on each 4.5' side

Audimute is proud to provide high quality, sound reduction curtain materials to hundreds of customers across the country to noise proof your band room, soundproofing existing walls in garages, basements, home studios and many other areas where sound reduction material is essential to controlling noise. Audimute portable sound reduction curtain material on walls, ceilings or windows offers the same excellent results as expensive foams, tiles and panels are easy to hang or remove with 3 grommets on each 4.5' side for a highly effective, yet portable solution to noise proof your band room, rehearsal space in garage, basement and more.

Audimute sound reduction curtain material is all natural, environmentally-friendly, safe and a snap to install in any possible location, so make the sound decision! Choose Audimute for soundproofing existing walls - portable sound reduction curtain material that really works!

GO GREEN with Audimute sound absorbing drapery material

Not only do Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets offer outstanding acoustic performance, but they are also manufactured from recycled cotton natural fibers, reducing landfill waste. Audimute's inexpensive sound absorbtion material is safe and non-toxic.

So why choose man-made fiberglass, dubbed as the next asbestos by many? Exposure to airborne fiberglass particles or direct contact with the product can cause skin, eye, nose and throat irritation and itching. Coughing is also a reaction to inhaled fibers. What’s more, fiberglass is considered to be a probable carcinogen by National Institutes of Health.  Fiberglass product packages display cancer warning labels unlike Audimute's cotton inexpensive sound absorbtion material that do not require this warning. These labels are required by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) based on determinations made by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the National Toxicology Program (NTP).

Be good to yourself and your environment, choose Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets, the natural and safe acoustic solution, a better alternative to fiberglass.

What's the difference between Absorption Sheets and a Moving Blanket? Click to find out.

Audimute Natural Sound Absorbing Drapery :

Fiberglass Sound Absorption :

  • Naturally made from recyclables, no harmful man-made fibers (wool, polyester blend)
  • Non-Earth Friendly
  • Safe for all applications, Non-irritating alternative to fiberglass
  • Difficult to handle, May irritate skin upon contact
  • Extremely high Noise Reduction Coefficient that makes it more effective than fiberglass in controlling air borne sound transmission
  • Lower Noise Reduction Coefficient, less effective than natural solution
  • Helps reduce landfill waste, consumes less energy  
  • Consumes more energy to manufacture 


Compare Audimute Natural Acoustic Solutions to Foam Products

sound absorbing carpet, sound absorbing drapery, inexpensive sound absorbtion material

NRC Ratings for Inexpensive Sound Absorbtion Material:

 Material NRC

Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets


Sound Absorbing Carpet with or without padding


Polyurethane Foam (1" thick)


Auralex 1" Studio Foam Wedge


Sound Absorbing Drapery, light weight


Sound Absorbing Drapery, medium weight


Sound Absorbing Drapery, heavy weight


Compare Us and See:

Audimute Sound Absorbing Drapery Material has an impressive "Sound Absorption Average - SAA" or "Noise Reduction Coefficient - NRC" of 0.65. Audimute Sound Absorbing Drapery Sheets simply outperform any other inexpensive sound absorbtion material.
How much absorption material is necessary for an effective room acoustics treatment? It’s a fair question to ask before starting a sound improvement project. Though there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, we can offer some guidelines and considerations for obtaining the right sound.

The right amount of absorption for a room acoustics treatment depends on four main and related variables:

•   intended use of the room and the sound source;
•   room size, including ceiling height;
•   materials in the room, including furnishings and wall, floor, and ceiling type; and
•   the type of absorption used.

Start by defining success: Does the room sound need to be only lightly corrected, or does the room construction or purpose demand serious sound deadening?

As a general rule, a moderate percentage of “live” (untreated) space is preferred—without it, a room sounds flat and lifeless. Use the following wall coverage percentages as a starting point for your room acoustics treatment (assuming absorption products rated .65 to 1.0 NRC - Noise Reduction Coefficient):

•   Light absorption (5 to 25 percent coverage)—is appropriate for live recording or listening rooms, offices, conference rooms and rooms where people gather and converse.
•   Moderate absorption (25 to 50 percent coverage)—suits listening and control rooms that typically feature more subdued music, as well as larger business spaces. Moderate absorption of around 50 percent is a good estimate for many home theaters.
•   Heavy absorption (50 to 100 percent coverage)—suits drum rooms, music practice space, rooms that handle high-energy music. Vocal booths and recording isolation booths require the most absorption.

It’s impossible to give a precise percentage without analyzing each unique space.  The amount of absorption necessary as a room acoustics treatment will vary significantly based on size, furnishings, and construction materials, so consider those elements carefully. For example, a larger room may require more absorptive material, carpeted floors and soft furnishings absorb sound and therefore will decrease the amount of additional absorption material needed, and paneled walls or large amounts of glass may significantly increase the necessary treatment.

We offer a free and personalized room analysis form that you can use to submit information about your space, and one of our acoustics specialists will review your information and contact you with advice tailored to your specific needs. If your application is for a particularly large space or is a commercial application, use our large/commercial room analysis form.

Also bear in mind that some sound absorbers have a higher noise reduction coefficient (NRC) than others, and the right amount depends on the level of absorption required, the aesthetic needs of the space, and the budget. Audimute offers three distinct absorption products to meet any need: sheets, wall coverings, and panels. Panels, our most decorative and effective option, rate a 1.0 NRC, while the less-expensive wall coverings rate a still impressive .75 NRC and sheets rate .65NRC. 

There’s a lot to consider when deciding on a room acoustics treatment, so don’t go it alone. Contact Audimute at 866-505-MUTE (6883) or chat (using our link on the left side of this page) with a professional on this site for more information on how our sound absorption products can work for you.

Customer Reviews

We set up a video booth in our office to produce training videos. House behind us has an very annoying dog that barks constantly. Your products made our video booth as quiet as a morgue. Very good product! - Robert

I'm impressed. I was especially impressed with your customer service. I remember a rep contacted me months ago. I think his name was Jon. Very helpful!

Excellent customer service, I am a returning customer, I got what I want, delivered promptly and honestly in excellent condition. -V.C.

Thank you for offering such a wonderful and simple solution to acoustic problems in the studio. I recently purchased four sound absorbing sheets and mega clips for my small bedroom studio. I noticed an improvement instantly with respect to early reflections and absorption. Still, a window was left uncovered and allowed the cacophonous sounds of leaf blowers and other noise to essentially render my recording opportunities to nill. I was determined to order round two of the trusted sound absorbing sheets, and I will double the thickness at the window so I can get some acoustic guitar tracks recorded. I may never get total isolation, but I am bound to get improvement, thanks to your product. I plan to use the remaining sheets perhaps for recording drums, placing one inside the kick (it may do its job too well..) Thanks again for such an affordable product that delivers what it promises. -Craig, Long Island, New York

I am the founding director of a bird sanctuary and rescue. Recently we took in a Greater Sulfur Crested cockatoo with screaming issues. Any of you who have heard a Boeing 767 take off think you have heard loud. You haven't! I live in a one bedroom apartment. Because of Bob the cockatoos amazing singing voice I was afraid that I would be evicted. After a careful and diligent study of the web I found the Audimute website and consulted with sales support. After installing the soundproofing sheets the volume of Bob's calls were muted within acceptable levels. That's saying a great deal! Many people told me that it is impossible to keep cockatoos in an apartment. At the moment I have 3 cockatoos and all of them are loud. I highly recommend this easy-to-install product for anyone who has noise issues and especially for those who wish to have parrots or cockatoos and are worried about the noise level to their neighbors.The product is easy to install and works as stated, the clips for hanging the sheets are excellent! They make the job easy - worth its weight in gold! - Don

I am a professional drummer in the Miami area. I have a small utility room connected to the side of my house and for fun I recently decided to cram a drum set in there next to the water heater. I thought with four cement walls it might be an OK place to make some noise but boy was I wrong! It was deafening to be in there and my wife told me it was obnoxious from half a block away. After researching sound proofing ideas on the web I quickly discovered Audimute and promptly ordered the Sound Absorption Sheet starter kit. What a huge difference it makes quieting the sound levels - and with wife's approval! So look out America you can now put a drum set in every utility room or walk in closet without complaints all thanks to Audimute! I wish I had found these sooner! - Andy

A few months ago, I rescued a juvenile sun conure. As the bird grew older, her calls kept getting louder and more high pitched to the point where it became impossible to stay in the same room with her. More importantly, the amount of noise to the outside was becoming embarrassingly loud and affecting my roommate's day to day life, even though our rooms is separated by a spacey living room. After doing some online research, I came across the Audimute Soundproofing website and I realized the absorption sheets might be exactly what I was looking for. I bought a package of 4 absorption sheets; one went up on my room's door, one on each wall at the corner where the cage is placed (to prevent the walls from reflecting and transmitting vibrations), and one around the back of the cage. When she starts screaming, all I need to do is turn the cage around to create a confined space surrounded by the Audimute material, and I instantly got all the noise control I could wish for! This extremely simple set up cut down on at least 60% of the noise within the room and took out most, if not all, of the high frequency waves that used to make my ears ring. I can easily sit at the computer desk by the cage now without being annoyed by the noise. More amazingly, the noise to the outside of my room was cut down by a hefty 80%, and close to 100% to my roommate's bedroom! She can no longer tell if the bird is awake or asleep from her bedroom anymore! Thank you Audimute for allowing me to bring back everybody's quality of life without having to re-home my pet!!! - Hans

Absorption Sheets & isole™ Installation Instructions:


This is a high performance sound absorption product.  As such, it works best when in the same enclosed space where sound is being generated.

  • Ensure the product is completely exposed as the primary surface within the space and not covered with any dense/ hard surface material.
  • Do not cut Audimute sound absorption sheets to fit specific size requirements.  Fold the product instead.
  • Avoid penetrating with curtain hooks, nails, etc. as this will permanently damage the sheet(s).
  • For best results:  Allow the product to hang freely with a slight drape (curve).   Avoid stretching product flat against the wall surface.  The billowing effect will make for better sound absorption especially when 2" – 3" away from a wall.  
  • Position product on opposite walls if possible.   Don't be afraid to experiment with the product's position within in a room for varying acoustical effect.  Dry Clean or spot clean only.
  • Sheet Rock (Dry Wall) Hanging:  Use nails, screws, or screw on nobs (available through Audimute)
  • Wood Walls/ Mounting Boards:  Use same as dry wall method OR Industrial Staples.  Stapling is more permanent.

Sheets with Grommets may be hung using our Quick Hanging Knobs. To install the knobs:

  1. Attach the knob by hand twisting it onto the flat end of the threaded bolt (included)

  2. Place the plastic anchor (included) in the installation surface if needed (recommended when hanging in dry wall, wall board, or similar wall/ceiling surfaces), pre-drilling a .25 inch pilot hole.

  3. Screw the  pointed end of the threaded bolt into the anchor or installation surface.

  4. Grasp the bolt lightly with pliers (recommended to hold the bolt in place the first time) and loosen the knob by twisting counter-clockwise.

How do I know how much sound this product will absorb?

NRC ratings are one of the best ways to compare similar sound absorption products and determine which are most effective in absorbing sound at various frequencies.  The higher the NRC rating, the more effective the product.

How are NRC ratings determined?

Only products that have been tested in a controlled lab setting receive an NRC rating.  The process of determining a product's NRC involves testing its performance across some of the most common frequencies, then averaging the sum of these individual ratings to determine the product's overall NRC.  In general, an NRC of 0 means a product is perfectly reflective, whereas an NRC of 1 means the product is perfectly absorptive. 

Another way to look at these ratings is as a percentage.  For example, if a product has an overall NRC of .65 (such as Audimute Absorption Sheets), the product is estimated to absorb up to 65% of the mid and high frequencies in a room.   

NRC Depends on Proper Use & Installation

It's important to remember that the NRC of sound absorption products is determined based on proper use and installation.  If a product has not been installed following our recommended installation method, it may not be as effective. 

In general, sound absorption products achieve poor NRC ratings in the low frequency ranges, but do extremely well absorbing mid and high frequencies.  Based on these results, we typically recommend absorption products for mid and high frequency applications, such as those dealing with noise from pianos, flutes, voices, etc. 

Please feel free to give us a call at 866-505-MUTE if you have any questions regarding the installation requirements of a specific Audimute product.

Official sound lab report for Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets 
(Does not apply to the Original Sheet)


View Full Sound Test Report

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