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As we have done with hundreds of our customers, we will help you create the acoustic space you are after with our Sound Absorbing Panels. You will find our Sound Absorbant Panels to be highly effective and affordable. Audimute's Sound Absorpant Panels are the perfect solution for many reverberant noise problems. Adding sound damping panels (sound absorbing panels) to the room will reduce reflected sound thereby dampening the echo and reverberation, creating a terrific acoustic environment.

Audimute sound absorbing panels reduce volume levels by as much as 100%. Audimute sound absorbing panels feature eco-C-tex, the GREENEST sound absorbing material on the market.  Eco-C-tex is a blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers (the majority of which is post-consumer recycled newspaper!) Learn more about Eco-C-Tex

Sound Absorbing Panels, Sound Absorbant Panels, Sound Absorpant Panels, Sound Damping Panels
Our sound absorbing panels are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Sound damping panels can also be ordered with custom art printed - choose one of our stock images or provide your own image, photo or logo. Sizes, colors and images can be mixed and matched to create a unique designer look which will not only sound great but also look spectacular.

Audimute Designer Acoustics

Audimute sound absorbant panels are handmade in the USA, and offer superior performance for wall and ceiling applications. Install acoustic sound panels where low and mid frequency absorption is desired. Applications include: conference rooms, home theatres, libraries, restaurants, exhibition halls, classrooms, retail, family rooms and more.

Panel orders typically ship within one week from date of order depending on order size. Custom work may take up to 7-12 business days.