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Bass Trap (2' X 2' X 4" Thick) - Onyx

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Corner Bass Trap Mount
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Stock Fabric Colors (Guilford of Maine Anchorage, Class A Fire Rated)

Onyx Asteroid Geranium Straw Vanilla Birch Coffee
Cobalt Quarry
Eucalyptus Click to View
Note: Image color may be slightly different from what you see on your monitor.  We encourage you to order a sample pack to examine our fabrics.  

Please Call Us for a Quote on Large Projects!

Note: Orders typically ship within one week from date of order depending on order size. Each panel that is ordered comes with one panel clip- wall mounting hardware. 

Corner Bass Traps by Audimute - A Bass Trap That’s as Effective as it is Affordable!

Audimute corner bass traps are a low cost, highly effective solution for enhancing the acoustics in home and professional studios, home theaters, rehearsal spaces and more.  Most effective when placed in the corners of a room, a bass trap by Audimute captures the low frequency sounds that are often the most difficult to control.  As more corner bass traps are added to a space, low frequencies become tighter-sounding, improving the listening environment.

Audimute corner bass traps are now available in a variety of different colors! Each trap measures 2' x 2' (4 inches thick).  Order a bass trap from Audimute in any of our stock fabric colors.

* All orders for corner bass traps include hanging/mounting hardware.

Natural Materials! No Fiberglass!

Compare Audimute Bass Traps and Acoustic Panels - at a glance they seem to be the same product, but when you look deeper you'll find that they are used in a very different way.  So what's the difference?

All absorption products are tested to determine their NRC, which is a measurement of how effective a certain material is in absorbing sound at different frequencies.  An NRC of 1.0 means that a product is perfectly absorptive - an NRC of 0 means it is perfectly reflective.  Looking at the chart below, you'll notice that Acoustic Bass Traps tested extremely well (over a 1.0 in many cases!) in the low frequency range, and about the same as Acoustic Panels in the high end range.  Acoustic Panels, on the other hand, tested poorly in the low-end frequencies, but achieved an overall NRC of 1.00 due to their extreme effectiveness in the mid and high frequency range.

Audimute Bass Trap NRC Ratings - Sound Lab Report
 125 Hz
 250 Hz
 500 Hz
 1K Hz
2K Hz
4K Hz
 .941.29 1.19 1.05 1.06 1.09 1.15

Audimute Acoustic Panel NRC Ratings - Sound Lab Report
 125 Hz
 250 Hz
 500 Hz
 1K Hz
2K Hz
4K Hz
 .39 .63 1.18 1.11 1.06 1.09 1.00

Comparing the NRCs in each of the frequency ranges above, it's easy to see why Audimute Bass Traps and Acoustic Panels differ in their intended use.  A few other differences between the two products are listed below:
  • Audimute Bass Traps are made specifically to address low frequency sound.  Audimute Acoustic Panels, on the other hand, are made to absorb mid and high frequencies. 
  • Both products are hand constructed and feature metal frames, quality fabric, and eco-C-tex absorption technology, but the thickness of the each product determines its function.  Audimute Bass Traps are 4" thick, which makes it an ideal product for capturing low end frequencies, whereas Absorption Panels are 2" thick and perfect for absorbing  the mids and highs.
  • Bass Traps are meant to be installed in the corners of the room, where low-end frequencies tend to gather.  Acoustic panels, on the other hand, are to be hung on the upper portion of walls to absorb the echoes and reflections that bounce back and forth within a space.
If you have any questions about Bass Traps or how they can be used in your space, give us a call at 866-505-MUTE!

Customer Reviews

It was incredibly simple. Free shipping is great! It's simple, informative, and when I had a question it was answered quickly and efficiently. The man I spoke with on the phone named Jon was great. He was very knowledgeable and friendly. He did not push me to make a sale and told me to order when/if I was ready. I would definitely come back here again simply for the high level of courtesy and professionalism shown by your employees and your website.

After placing the Bass Traps in all the corners of the room in my studio, I was able to control bass frequency. This really completed the sound. Audimute was such an inexpensive answer to creating the greatest at home studio possible.

I'm a music producer wannabe and performer:) I had to move to a new place and for the first time I'm getting my own real room for music. Now, my room is very flat sounding as we say "dead" and Audimute Bass Traps are exactly what I was looking for! I put them in the corner to tune the room correctly and now I hear every little detail of my mixes far better than ever!

I have a recording studio and needed acoustic products to control the sound reflections. After reviewing several companies on the web, I was very grateful to find Audimute. Your bass traps and acoustic panels work very well and are eco-safe. They look great and are very easy to put up. Also, the good advice and overall help I received from Mallory was so refreshing. Her manner over the phone is a good reflection of the company's integrity.

Natural Materials! No Fiberglass!

Specs and Features:
  • Size:   2' x 2' (4" thick), 0.61 m. x 0.61 m. (101.6 mm thick)
  • NRC: 1.15
  • Easy to install (mounting hardware included)
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Composed of eco-C-tex - a blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers (the majority of which is post-consumer recycled newspaper!)
  • A better alternative to traditional fiberglass & synthetic bass traps
  • Handmade in the USA
 125 Hz
 250 Hz
 500 Hz
 1K Hz
2K Hz
4K Hz
 .941.29 1.19 1.05 1.06 1.09 1.15

How do I know how much sound this product will absorb?

NRC ratings are one of the best ways to compare similar sound absorption products and determine which are most effective in absorbing sound at various frequencies.  The higher the NRC rating, the more effective the product.

How are NRC ratings determined?

Only products that have been tested in a controlled lab setting receive an NRC rating.  The process of determining a product's NRC involves testing its performance across some of the most common frequencies, then averaging the sum of these individual ratings to determine the product's overall NRC.  In general, an NRC of 0 means a product is perfectly reflective, whereas an NRC of 1 means the product is perfectly absorptive. 

Another way to look at these ratings is as a percentage.  For example, if a product has an overall NRC of 1.00, the product is estimated to absorb up to 100% of the mid and high frequencies in a room!

NRC Depends on Proper Use & Installation

It's important to remember that the NRC of sound absorption products is determined based on proper use and installation.  If a product has not been installed following our recommended installation method, it may not be as effective. 

In general, sound absorption products achieve poor NRC ratings in the low frequency ranges, but do extremely well absorbing mid and high frequencies.  However, Bass Traps differ in that they are designed to specifically absorb low frequencies as well as mid and high frequencies. This difference in performance can be seen in the following sound lab report, which shows that Audimute Bass Traps achieved extremely high NRC ratings in the lower frequency range.

Please feel free to give us a call at 866-505-MUTE if you have any questions regarding the installation requirements of a specific Audimute product.

Below is the official sound lab report for Audimute Bass Traps.

Audimute Bass Traps were independently tested by Riverbank Acoustical Lab.

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