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Many factors come into play when addressing an acoustic problem. Get free expert advice on church acoustics, acoustic gymnasium problems, auditorium acoustics and more today! 

Think about the last time you sat in a large space, such as an auditorium, function hall, cafeteria, gym, or house of worship. Acoustics play a large role in your experience there. Were you able to enjoy the speaker or the music without annoying echoes? Was the noise of the crowd minimized so that the sound didn’t creep into painful decibel levels? If not, that space is experience an acoustical problem in need of immediate acoustic treatment!

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Many factors come into play when dealing with an acoustical problem in your space, whether it’s an acoustic gymnasium problem, church acoustics concern or an office acoustics issue. The following room characteristics must be considered to determine the appropriate acoustic solution:

  • The size of the room: Consideration must be given to the height, width and length of the room
  • The shape of the room: A square room, for example, is most likely to cause an acoustic problem because the sound waves will bounce back at themselves
  • What the room is made of: Windows, hardwood floors, and other hard, flat, and bare surfaces will cause sound waves to bounce and echo.
  • The room’s intended use: Listening room, conference room, home theater, recording, etc.? Each experiences a unique acoustical problem requiring a unique acoustic treatment.
  • Room layout and décor: Door openings, window placement, posts, leather seating, etc. all come into play when planning for proper acoustics in a space.

Each acoustic problem can be remedied with the proper treatment. Audimute offers a variety of solutions that address the problem of school, office, theater, event hall, and church acoustics and acoustic gymnasium problem.


Audimute’s Peacemaker flexible rubber soundproofing insulation is the perfect solution for keeping sound where it belongs. It offers cost-effective superior noise isolation, in addition to moisture protection. Peacemaker is also eco-friendly, containing at least 80 percent recycled rubber content. Available in sheets or rolls in various sizes.

  Audimute’s Acoustic Panels treat the acoustical problem of echoes by absorbing the sound waves rather than allowing them to reflect off hard surfaces. Available in a wide variety of shapes and colors, these panels install easily on your walls or ceiling. They are an excellent choice for improving church acoustics or acoustics in any room where you want to hear a speaker or performer without the undertone of other conversation. As attractive as they are functional, Audimute’s Acoustic Panels may be custom designed with an image that enhances your room décor. Get inspired and learn how to treat your acoustic problem with style with our acoustic panel design ideas!


Audimute’s Bass Traps treat yet another acoustic problem, that of standing waves. This is a low-frequency reflection caused by dimensional relationships within a space. When placed in the corners of the room - the point of maximum pressure - the bass traps can dramatically improve the sound.

One mistake people often make when treating their space for an acoustical problem is over-treating. The overuse of highly absorptive materials will skew proper sound, causing low frequencies to become too prominent and actually causing a new acoustical problem.

Let the sound professionals at Audimute show you the right way to eliminate your acoustic problem. Call Audimute today at 866-505-MUTE (6883) to learn how to bring out your room’s sound potential.

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