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Acoustic Panels

Audimute acoustical panels are the perfect solution for many reverberant noise problems. Adding acoustic panels to the room will reduce reflected sound, thereby dampening the echo and reverberation by as much as 100% in a properly treated space, creating a impressive and professional acoustic environment Audimute acoustical panels are also eco-friendly, featuring eco-C-tex, the GREENEST sound absorption material in today's marketplace! Eco-C-tex is a blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers (the majority of which is post-consumer recycled newspaper!) and is one of the safest alternative to traditional fiberglass insulation, requiring 1/10 of the energy to produce. And now, all of Audimute's acoustic panels are Class A Fire Rated!

sound dampening
1x2 Acoustic Panel
8 ft² Coverage
3 Colors Available
acoustic panels for walls, sound wall panelsPanel
1x3 Acoustic Panel
12 ft² Coverage
3 Colors Available
2X2 Sound Absorption Panel *AMP2X2*
2x2 Acoustic Panel
16 ft² Coverage
3 Colors Available
acoustical panels studio, acoustical wall panel, acoustical panel
2x3 Acoustic Panel
24 ft² Coverage
3 Colors Available
acoustical foam, sound absorptive wall mounting, sound absorptive foam
2x4 Acoustic Panel
32 ft² Coverage
3 Colors Available
Starter Kit - (6) 1' x 2' panels, (6) 2' x 2' panels STARTER-KIT
Starter Kit
(6) 1' x 2' & (6) 2' x 2'
Acoustic Panels
acoustic absorption, sound absorbing material
Starter Pack
(24) 1' x 2' Black Panels
48 sq. ft. Coverage
cheap acoustic panels
Starter Pack
(24) 1' x 2' Gray Panels
48 sq. ft. Coverage
studio sound panels on
Home Studio Sound Panels Kit
(10) 2' x 2' Gray Panels
40 sq. ft. Coverage
Clearance Home Studio 10 Pack Kit - (10) 2' x 2' Black Panels APLK0000850
Home Studio Kit
(10) 2' x 2' Black Panels
40 sq. ft. Coverage
acoustical treatment, acoustic treatments
Large Room Kit
2'x3' Panels
16 Panels & 4 Bass Traps
acoustic room treatments, wall acoustic panels
Standard Room Kit
2'x2' Panels
10 Panels & 2 Bass Traps
Audimute Sound Absorption Panel Fabric Sample *AMP-SAMP*
Fabric Sample Pack
Fabric Swatches
$10 Rebate included
Standard Panel Sample Kit
Panel Sample Pack
Acoustic Panel
$20 Rebate included

Audimute’s acoustical panels quickly transform every room, both audibly and visually. Our interior blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers is designed for peak absorption performance in every application, from factory settings to studio spaces. Compared to common acoustical panels, our material requires 1/10th of the energy to manufacture and produces no waste, making it the greenest sound absorption product on today’s market and the safest alternative to traditional fiberglass insulation. All of our acoustically transparent fabric colors were chosen with your unique space and style in mind, with options that easily blend in or stand out.


Even our pack sizes were designed for you! By offering sound panels in four-packs or more, you can more effectively treat your space and buy additional packs to build your coverage to reach your desired results. Thanks to the structure and absorption materials used in all Audimute acoustic panels, reflected sounds are reduced and echo and reverberation are dampened by as much as 100% in properly treated spaces. That means quieter houses of worship with less echo and better recordings in studios by simply hanging sound panels!


Acoustical Panels:

  • Eco-friendly materials: eco-C-tex™ sound absorption core made from recycled cotton and cellulose fibers, exterior acoustical fabric options made of post- and pre-consumer recycled polyester
  • A fully recyclable lightweight steel frame: Strong framing to hold panel shape and make for easy hanging and portability
  • Design options: Acoustical color and fabric coatings in standard or custom choices for a personalized finished specific to your space or application
  • NRC rated .95: One of the highest-rated acoustic panels on the market, found to absorb 95% of mid to high range frequencies, echo, and reverberation
  • Class-A fire rated: Complies with many safety code requirements for commercial building applications
  • All Audimute acoustic panels are made by hand in the USA


From conference rooms to restaurants, home theaters to recording studios, hallways to lobbies, sound treating a room is easy with Audimute’s acoustic panels. For behind the wall soundproofing applications, visit our soundproofing for walls section. Whether you choose to personalize your sound panels with custom design options or give one of our popular fabrics a try, we promise you’ll hear the Audimute difference our customer’s have come to expect.

Order your acoustic panels today and here the difference in no time!