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Many noise problems can be solved with sound absorption rather than soundproofing.  In fact, Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets, also known as sound dampening curtains or sound dampening drapes) are used by many customers to absorb echoes and reverberation within a room.  By absorbing sound rather than blocking it, customers are able to cut back sound using a portable solution that is one of the least expensive on the market.
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What are Audimute Absorption Sheets/Curtains?  Check out the video below to learn more and to see how sound dampening drapes can be used as a portable sound solution for homes, apartments, studios and more!

Audimute Sound Dampening Drapes provide inexpensive (priced at less than $1/sq. ft.) sound absorption for homes, apartments, basements, recording studios, band practice rooms, and many other areas where sound dampening drapes are needed for controlling noise. In the words of one satisfied Audimute customer, “[Audimute Absorption Sheets] are a very affordable option and are easily installed. I live in NYC, in a 2 bedroom apartment. I was able to hang my Audimute sheets around the door quickly and easily."

Audimute ‘Sound Dampening Curtains’ absorb mid and high frequencies and reduce echoes and reverberant noise. If the room is properly treated, Audimute sound dampening drapes may reduce noise levels by as much as 60%. The fact that Audimute sound dampening drapes are just as effective as they are inexpensive excites those looking for a valuable soundproofing solution.  "The products are clean, easy to put up, very effective and affordable - perfect for any studio setup!"

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Audimute Sheets are also natural, eco-friendly, and do not contain fiberglass. In addition, sound dampening drapes are portable and can be hung or removed in minutes, making for easy application. Audimute absorption sheets are sold in regular and long sizes, as individual packs,
multi-packs, starter and room  kits.  Independently tested in an acoustic laboratory, Audimute sound dampening curtains have an impressive NRC rating of .70 NRC rating, meaning they are an excellent alternative to pricier sound absorption materials like foam, tiles, or panels.  And our customers agree! 

  • "Audimute Absorption Sheets turned a dull sounding room into an awesome sounding drum room. Room volumes on our amp also were turned down due to improved acoustics which the neighbors love."
  • "We use Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets in our practice space. Good price. Easy to use. Each instrument is so clear and easy to define. I would imagine it would be a great area to record. You don't leave practice with your ears ringing."