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Peacemaker Sound Insulation

Effective Soundproofing Insulation, Sound Proof Material Barrier
Improve Your Environment and the Environment with Peacemaker!

Peacemaker is a flexible rubber soundproofing insulation used to reduce transmission of sound through walls, floors and ceilings. Peacemaker sound insulation offers superior noise reduction and moisture protection. Peacemaker sound insulation is ideal for apartments, multi-family residences, condos, commercial installations, studios, theaters and more.

Peacemaker's impact extends beyond the area you are soundproofing. Peacemaker sound proof material puts old and recycled tires to sound use, keeping them out of already-overflowing landfills. When you purchase this cost-effective (as low as 94 cents per square foot!) and high performance sound proof insulation material, you are making a difference not only in your immediate environment but in the greater one as well.

Choose Peacemaker - the eco-friendly soundproofing insulation containing over 80% recycled rubber content! Peacemaker sound proof material is available in: 2mm, 3.2mm & 6.4mm thickness. Make a sound decision, choose Peacemaker!
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2mm Peacemaker®
(1) 2'x25' Roll
50 ft² - $1.20 PSF
DIY Soundproof Barrier
2mm Peacemaker®
(4) 2'x25' Rolls
200 ft² - $1.10 PSF
cheap ways to soundproof
2mm Peacemaker®
(8) 2'x25' Rolls
400 ft² - $1.05 PSF
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3.2mm Peacemaker
(1) 2'x25' Roll
50 ft² - $1.60 PSF
Sound barrier
3.2mm Peacemaker
(4) 2'x25' Rolls
200 ft² - $1.45 PSF
soundproof ceiling
3.2mm Peacemaker
(8) 2'x25' Rolls
400 ft² - $1.40 PSF
sound deadening insulation, soundproof wall
3.2mm Peacemaker
(1) 4'x25' Roll
100 ft² - $1.60 PSF
sound proof room
3.2mm Peacemaker
(4) 4'x25' Rolls
400 ft² - $1.45 PSF
build a soundproof room
3.2mm Peacemaker
(8) 4'x25' Rolls
800 ft² - $1.40 PSF
Audimute Peacemaker Sample Kit *PM-SAMP*
Sample Pack
$5 rebate included
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3.2mm Peacemaker
(2'x3' Segments)
By The Yard
Peacemaker 3.2mm Contactor Roll 2' x 800' APM00000647
3.2mm Peacemaker
(1) 2' x 720' Roll
1440 ft² - $1.17 PSF
soundproofing materials
3.2mm Peacemaker
(2) 2'x720' Rolls
2880 ft² - $1.14 PSF
Sound Proofing Tape, Sound Deadening Tape, Sound Isolation Tape
PM Tape
Single Roll 2" x 108'
Sound Isolation Seam Seal
Peacemaker Acoustic Soundproofing Material
2mm Peacemaker®
(48) 2'x25' Rolls
2400 ft² - $.94 PSF
Peacemaker Soundproofing for ceilings
3.2mm Peacemaker
(40) 2'x25' Rolls
2000 ft² - $1.28 PSF
Peacemaker 3.2mm Pallet - 20 4' x 25' Rolls APM32000645
3.2mm Peacemaker
(20) 4'x25' Rolls
2000 ft² - $1.28 PSF